Cosmetic Aesthetic Non-Surgical Assessment Tool

The Medical Board of Australia recently recommended that individuals performing cosmetic or surgical procedures should assess a client’s motivations and expectations prior to treatment and refer them for psychological evaluation where there are indications that the client may not be suited to the procedure. Despite these recommendations, there is a lack of validated screening tools available to aid clinicians in identifying unsuitable clients.

CPD Institute in collaboration with Swinburne University have developed CANSAT a screening tool to assist clinicians in assessing a variety of psychological factors which have been found to predict unrealistic expectations for treatment and lowered satisfaction with cosmetic treatment outcomes.

CANSAT is an assessment tool specifically designed for the practitioner providing Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures.

Cansat provides:

  • A screening tool to understand a patient’s motivation for treatment
  • Identifies risks associated with the procedure
  • Identifies the importance of an appropriate referral
  • Considers best interest of the patient
  • Promotes patient safety
  • Facilitates a practitioner’s ethical practice
  • Acts as a double assessment/screening measure
  • Safeguards your practice and your clients.

What Our Research Found

CANSAT was developed through research conducted by Toni Pikoos, Dr Simone Buzwell and Nicky Tzimas as a partnership with Swinburne University and the CPD Institute of Australia –

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