Anatomical Exploration for Cosmetic Injectors: Cadaver Workshop

CPD Institute of Australia invites you to the ‘Anatomical Exploration for Cosmetic Injectors: Cadaver Workshop’ 2020.

About this Event

This Workshop is designed for Doctors and Nurses currently working and injecting in cosmetic aesthetic practice.

You will spend the day with expert plastic surgeon, Dr Peter Callan and cosmetic aesthetic practitioners, learning a range of techniques to advance your injecting skills and in depth understanding of safe injecting and what an adverse event looks like from ‘behind the scenes’.

We understand that injectable anatomy is different – needle/cannula depth is paramount to safe injecting hence the importance if understanding ‘injector anatomy’.

Information will be given on ‘how-to’ inject in certain anatomical regions with a focus on high and low-risk regions of the face.

This session will only have 10 participants per group, allowing a close and intimate learning journey and opportunity.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ‘Anatomical Exploration for Cosmetic Injectors: Cadaver Workshop’ in Melbourne 2020.


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