Cosmetic Injectables: Expectations vs. Reality

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about cosmetic injectables circulating online. For this reason, many people have incorrect expectations for the process of receiving cosmetic injectables and the type of results they can produce. In this blog post, we break down cosmetic injectables expectations vs. reality, to ensure anyone considering cosmetic injectables has as much accurate information available to them as possible.

1. Cosmetic injectables are extremely painful

In reality, cosmetic injectables are not as painful as many people think. Small, thin needles are used to inject cosmetic injectables, which helps minimise any potential pain. Treatment times are also very short, so even if a small amount of discomfort is experienced, it will susbide quickly.

2. You must only have one cosmetic injectable treatment per year

To maintain the results of your cosmetic injectables, treatments must be scheduled throughout the year. Your cosmetic injector will advise you how frequently you should receive treatments, as there is not a one-size-fits-all schedule for every patient, and just as the aging process in continuous, so is the need to be on a treatment plan to accommodate these changes.

3. Cosmetic injectables have no side effects

Experiencing some side effects from cosmetic injectables can be completely normal. Most side effects usually disappear in a few days after treatment. Potential side effects include swelling, redness and slight bruising at the injection site. Other side effects can include itching and pain at the injection location, but these are less common. There is always a risk of more serious side effects that can cause tissue damage and other more permanent damage – all of which can be avoided and prevented where great consultation is completed by your injector & follow up calls are made to ensure you are well post-treatment.

4. Significant downtime is needed after a treatment

In reality, after treatment, little to no downtime is needed. Due to the minor side effects of cosmetic injectables, people can receive a treatment and then continue their day as normal. Many people even choose to receive cosmetic injectables during their lunch break and then return to work.

5. Cosmetic injectables look obvious and unnatural

When injected correctly, cosmetic injectables can look incredibly natural and can achieve subtle results. The nurse completing your treatment should talk with you at length about the results you want to see before starting your treatment.

Have we sparked your curiosity?

At CPD Institute of Australia, we complete cosmetic injectables training for registered nurses, doctors & dentists so you can have complete confidence in each and every one of our nurses.

Any of our nurses would be more than happy to discuss your cosmetic injectables expectations with you, to ensure you understand the wonderful reality of cosmetic injectables.

Alternatively, chat to the team at CPD Institute of Australia who can help you with any questions you have.


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