Skin Science

Skin Science Workshop (SSW)

Our course includes dermal theory, primary facials, medical grade chemical peels and skin needling, and will enable participants to administer these aesthetic skin care treatments.

Primary facials are designed to relax, cleanse and exfoliate the skin, therefore allowing improved penetration of skin care products and increased blood flow resulting in brighter, clearer skin.  CPD’s workshop discusses skin issues, treatment plans and includes practical application.

Medical Grade Chemical Peels are designed to resurface the skin. They work by breaking down the top layer of dead skin cells, therefore smoothing away fine lines, hyperpigmentation and improving the overall appearance and condition of the skin.  CPD’s workshop discusses the varying levels of product intensity and includes practical application.

Skin needling is a minimally invasive skin penetrative procedure which uses a device containing fine needles for the purpose of puncturing the skin to create a controlled skin injury. This triggers the body to rebuild these micro wounds by producing new collagen and elastin in the dermis. CPD’s Skin Needling workshop provides both a theoretical understanding and practical experience in needling and the use of roller kits and skin needling pens.

Graduates will receive a certificate on completion and will be able to immediately apply skills and techniques learnt.


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