Dr Edmund Wong: Male and Cultural Aesthetics Workshop

Male and Cultural Aesthetics Workshop
Our workshop looks at male aesthetics across all sexual preferences and cultural diversities and is hosted by Dr Edmund Wong.

Our 3-hour workshop focuses on:

  • Male ageing face and addressing important differences between the genders both anatomically and aesthetically.
  • Asian aesthetic versus the caucasian aesthetic.
  • Facial feminization versus non-facial feminsation techniques.
  • Transgender injectable makeovers.
Patient assessment
  • Interpret principles of facial anatomy and physiology, including gender and ethnic-relevant differences and the effects of ageing, in order to assess the need for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.
  • Perform comprehensive and individualized patient assessment and manage expectations in the context of relevant cultural and gender aesthetic considerations.
  • Interpret areas of muscle activity and facial volume deficits as they contribute to aesthetic appearance, in order to properly target injection sites.
Includes a theoretical component and an opportunity for hands-on training on live models.

Who is it for?

Experienced injectors who are interested in increasing their knowledge with respect to anatomic and aesthetic gender and cultural differences. Wanting to expand their practice to include male facial rejuvenation.

Participants will need to present their current AHPRA Registrations to partake in hands-on training with Dr. Edmund Wong.



  • Small group.
  • Hands-on training on live models.
  • Certificate of Attendance
Dr Edmund Wong is a Melbourne-based General Practitioner with a background in Addiction Medicine, Mental and Sexual Health with a special interest in cosmetic procedures.

Investment $375

When: Wednesday 2nd October 6pm – 9pm

If you require any further information on the Dr. Edmund Wong workshop, call us on (03) 9041 3782.


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