Dr. Tom Van Eijk Workshop: Western Australia

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Dr. Tom van Eijk, Holland’s most famed cosmetic doctor, graduated from the University of Amsterdam as a Medical Doctor. Dr. Tom van Eijk developed and patented the Fern Pattern injection technique in 2005. The technique is a strategy to strengthen the skin “without blowing up the face in an unnatural way” i.e. less filler substance is needed to create a better aesthetic correction. Adopted by clinicians in cosmetic aesthetics all over the world, the technique changed the concept and application of injected dermal fillers.

We are excited by the opportunity provided by Dr. Tom van Eijk returning to Australia March 2020 to present his expertise in different procedures including lip tenting, Fern Pattern TechniquesTM and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.

Participants will need to present their AHPRA Registrations to partake in hands-on training with Dr. Tom van Eijk. Upon completing Dr. Tom van Eijk’s workshop you will receive a certificate signed by Dr. Tom van Eijk.


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