How To Become a Cosmetic Doctor in Australia

How to become a cosmetic doctor

The cosmetic industry in Australia is growing rapidly and the need for skilled and trusted cosmetic doctor training is also increasing. Many doctors learn the skill they need to enter this industry by taking Cosmetic Courses for Doctors, which covers many fields of cosmetic treatment. 

But as more and more people are getting facial treatments requiring cosmetic injections, the demand for specific  training for doctors using cosmetic injectables has increased. The good news is that Cosmetic Injectable Courses for Doctors are now becoming more available. Still, to become a trusted cosmetic doctor with a higher chance of being hired, you will need to know the best courses available for you. 

The courses that are the best to become a cosmetic doctor are the ones that are approved by trusted medical institutes. These courses have been tried and tested to properly prepare doctors to perform facial treatment using cosmetic injectables and neurotoxins. The main aim of these courses to become a cosmetic doctor should be focused on life-long learning. 

While the term cosmetic doctor is not legally regulated in Australia, meaning any doctor with a medical degree can technically call themselves one, finding willing customers without any training or knowledge is difficult, as well as unsafe. 

To become a cosmetic doctor, you need to have previous qualifications that align with Medical Board Recommendations. You need to be an AHPRA registered practitioner with the ability to inject Schedule 4 Medications. But to gain clients and perform accurately, there are many courses on offer. These courses range from 1-4 days and cover the theoretical and practical approaches of cosmetic injectables. Students will learn how to perform these treatments safely and ethically before putting it into practice at medical institutes. 

Read on to discover more about these courses on becoming a cosmetic doctor and find out which ones are right for you. 

What does it mean to be a cosmetic doctor

A cosmetic doctor is trusted by their patients to perform treatment that changes the aesthetics of a person’s body or face. One of the main fields of this is facial aesthetic treatments, the most common type of aesthetic treatment. These treatments include anti-wrinkle neurotoxin injectables for forehead, frown, and crow’s feet. It also includes dermal filler injections for cheek augmentation, lip enhancements, oral commissures, tear troughs, and temporal hollowing. 

All of these treatments are covered in our Cosmetic Courses for Doctors and our Cosmetic Injectables Training Courses

There are also some differences between becoming a cosmetic doctor and becoming a cosmetic nurse. The doctor is the one who administers the injections and overlooks the procedure, whereas the cosmetic nurse assists the doctor. Becoming a Cosmetic Nurse also takes a slightly different pathway than a doctor, usually a shorter one. 

To become a cosmetic doctor, you will need to Finish a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine. This takes around six years of full-time study at an Australian University or Medical School.  

After you have finished your degree you will then need to register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). AHPRA is the Australian national agency that regulates and monitors the country’s registered medical practitioners. You will not be able to perform any type of medical practice without first signing up to AHPHRA.  

To become a trusted cosmetic doctor, you need to gain experience in the field. It is recommended that you get around two years worth of experience. Many go to public hospitals or shadow doctors at private clinics. 

The last step is to Complete a Cosmetic Course for Doctors. This step is the most important in gaining an understanding of cosmetic treatments. Over two days you will gain a certificate from the Cosmetic Injectables Courses. With these courses completed, you will have finished all the training necessary to become a cosmetic doctor and have the highest chances of being employed in the industry. 

Cosmetic injectable courses for doctors 

There are Multiple Injection Treatment Courses available for doctors. These courses are split up into foundation and advanced, with each course taking between one to four days depending on their complexity. These courses are designed to cover theoretical and practical approaches to ensure you are fully prepared to perform facial aesthetic treatment. 

1-day courses for doctors

The day one course for doctors covers the theoretical approach to administering facial treatments. This includes understanding cosmetic injectables and neurotoxins used in the most commonly requested treatments, such as anti-wrinkle treatment for the forehead, frown and crow’s feet.

This course arms doctors with the knowledge to perform these treatments safely and ethically. This course is also approved by the ACRRM 10 PDP Units & AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF DERMATOLOGISTS. It is accredited as a Category 1 Level 2 Workshop Activity worth 15 points. All of our courses come with similar approvals and qualifications standards. 

2-day courses for doctors 

The day two course for doctors covers the practical application of facial treatments on live cosmetic models. Over the day, participants will put the theory into practice and gain invaluable experience in injecting the neurotoxins with confidence. This course ensures that doctors who have completed it can perform the facial treatment safely, accurately and reduce mistakes. 

Our commitment to the students is that they will be prepared and have the knowledge to perform cosmetic treatments in their field with confidence. Our Testimonials reflect that. 


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