How To Become A Cosmetic Nurse

The cosmetic aesthetic industry is a fast-growing industry, as a consequence, the industry has a growing need for nurses and doctors with the appropriate skills to deliver the care and services that the industry requires.

Currently, there are many avenues of attaining the knowledge and skill to enter this industry, however, with the recent growth, there is an emphasis on the importance of practitioners receiving accredited and endorsed training.

Historically pharmaceutical companies have been the main providers of education in the use and application of dermal fillers and neurotoxin medicine. What we have seen with recent growth is that there has been a huge shift towards commercializing such services and that the risks for clients have increased, hence raising the importance of the type of training clinicians are receiving, including the adequacy, level of safety, and ability to prevent and manage any complications in a timely manner. Gone are the days where learning about product theory and how to inject products is enough to produce safe and aesthetic results. With the media spotlight on examples of the risks to patients, there are important considerations for any clinician wishing to enter the industry: how ethical, safe and accredited is the knowledge I am attaining before treating a patient?

What qualification do I need in order to become a Cosmetic Injector?

In line with Medical Board Recommendations, you need to be an AHPRA registered practitioner with the ability to inject Schedule 4 Medications. This includes Doctors, Dentists, Registered Nurses & Enrolled Endorsed Nurses.

I am an AHPRA registered practitioner, what are the current pathways to enter the industry?

a. Working directly with a cosmetic injecting Doctor

Working under the direct supervision by a Doctor trained and skilled to perform such services. In this situation, the amount and level of training will be determined by the doctor and the support they arrange to receive from pharmaceutical companies or training providers in the industry.

b. Working as an employee/contractor within a cosmetic injecting clinic.

When seeking employment from a company offering these services, most require that you enter a 1-3-year agreement, whereby you will receive their internal training and support from pharmaceutical companies and/or other training providers. Most companies will ask you to pay a significant financial penalty should you choose to break your agreement for example, seek employment elsewhere or set up your own business.

c. Become self-employed in your own business.

Set up your own cosmetic injecting business with the support of scripting doctors and access to supply of product. CPD Institute offers a pathway to allow you to create and develop your own cosmetic injecting business with access to scripting support, product supply and a comprehensive client record keeping system.

Whichever path you choose, it is highly valuable to complete an accredited course. This will ensure non-biased training and education that has been approved by regulatory authorities endorsing the knowledge and education you have received is of high quality and covers both theory and hands-on practice.

Like any new area of practice, practice is what makes perfect. Entering this area of practice requires:
• Motivation
• Completion of an accredited course
• Acquisition of basic business skills
• Knowledge of skin anatomy and physiology
• Managing adverse events
• Working with a doctor who is trained and equipped to support and manage complications should they occur
• Ongoing education
• Hands on practice, more practice and then more practice.

Whether you undertake option a ,b or c, it is expected that the doctor you are working with will provide support as per the ‘Guidelines for Registered Medical Practitioners who perform Cosmetic Medical and Surgical Procedures 2016’.

What if I choose to complete a course and I don’t have a Doctor to work with?

It is important to complete your due diligence and explore all pathways available to you. Here at CPD Institute we provide support pathways once you have completed your course. This includes the opportunity to become a CPD Nurse Member and receive support from a trained scripting doctor to help get you going in this new exciting career.


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