Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting

“Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting” is a comprehensive course for doctors, nurses, allied health practitioners and dermal clinicians wishing to further their knowledge in the evolving fields of Nutritional and Longevity Medicine.

  • An essential adjunct service in any setting
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Lifestyle-related chronic conditions often present with aesthetic signs and symptoms. Fortunately, the gut-skin axis and gut-brain-skin axis are well defined in the scientific literature and these connections present an opportunity for improving outcomes in aesthetic patients.

Research is identifying the mechanisms through which nutritional compounds exert therapeutic effects on the body. This understanding has fuelled an interest that is filtering through to every field of medicine and nutrient therapies are fast becoming an essential adjunct in any clinical setting.

“Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting” explores the ground-breaking science into longevity, epigenetics, personalised nutrition, and precision medicine, and presents the evidence for nutritional interventions to support the underlying mechanisms responsible for health and longevity. This forms the basis for the role of nutrients in managing inflammageing and aesthetic presentations.

This course provides the practitioner with a framework for the safe implementation of evidence-based oral and injectable nutrient therapies as an adjunct to their services, giving them the advantage of offering a wholistic and modern approach to patient management.
“Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting” is an 8-part course, with over 10 hours of content and is an absolute must for aesthetics practitioners.


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Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting Online 202304/10/202331/12/2023$995.00
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During this comprehensive course, you will learn about:

Course Overview:

Duration: This course comprises of 8 modules.

Each module is between 1 – 1.5 hours duration.

There will be a short quiz on completion of each module.

Total course duration is 12 hours.

Price: $995

Module 1: The Foundations of Health and Longevity, The Gut Microbiome.

The aim of this module is to:

Module 2: The Gut-Skin Axis; The Microbiome in Aesthetic Presentations.

The aim of this module is to:

Module 3: Nutrients for Microbial Modulation and Epigenetic Reprogramming

The aim of this module is to:

Module 4: Supporting Mitochondria for Aesthetic Outcomes and Longevity

The aim of this module is to:

Module 5: Nutritional Interventions to Support Detoxification Pathways

The aim of this module is to:

Module 6: Weight Management for Health and Longevity

The aim of this module is to:

Module 7: The Gut-Brain Axis; Optimising Brain Function & Neuroplasticity

The aim of this module is to:

Module 8: Injectable Nutrients in The Aesthetic Setting

  • Intramuscular B-group vitamins and vitamin D
  • Intravenous NAD versus oral NAD precursors
  • Intravenous versus oral glutathione
  • Intravenous versus oral vitamin C

On completion of the course, you will receive:

  • A certificate of completion which may attract CPD points*
  • On-demand access to all modules for a period as determined by the course provider. 
  • Slides for each module.
  • Training and support to help you create an online passive income using nutrient therapies and streamlined personalised nutritional programs.*

* Please check with your college or institution.

** Training is offered through Bio-Alai® on account set up.

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