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What is tear trough injections?

The tear trough is a deep crease or groove underneath the lower eyelid and above the cheeks, which creates a hollow look or dark circles under the eyes, giving the appearance of fatigue and advanced age. It is a significant cosmetic concern for many, and the cause is a combination of genetics or the result of the natural aging process. It is commonly treated with a non-surgical procedure known as tear trough injections or tear through filler.

Tear trough filler is usually made of hyaluronic acid and is injected into the mid-cheek using a special needle to support the lower eyelid. This smooths out the skin and adds volume under the eyes, eliminating the hollow look and reducing the appearance of dark circles. The filler is never injected directly into the delicate tear trough area, which can be potentially dangerous.

Loss of volume in the mid-cheek can also contribute to the deep grooves in the tear trough area, and this, too, can be corrected by injecting fillers into the cheek. 

Sometimes, though, the cause of the dark circles may not be the crease or groove but rather pigmentation. In such cases, treating it with tear trough dermal filler will not remove the dark circles.

The aim of the treatment is never to eliminate the tear trough but to soften it.


Is there swelling after tear trough injections?


Before treatment begins, the client will first need to be assessed to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. Skin thickness around the eye area is measured to determine the amount of dermal filler required. The best candidates are those with relative skin thickness and no underlying medical issues or infection around the eye area.

Next, the skin around the eye is disinfected, the clinician may also apply an ice pack to reduce bruising. The clinician will then inject the filler in the area and massage it to encourage the filler to spread out evenly.

Because the treatment is applied to a very delicate area of the face, it is susceptible to swelling and bruising, which are common side effects. It is also possible for the filler to travel to other areas of the face and form lumps or an infection. If any of the below symptoms are present, the client will need to see a doctor immediately:

After treatment, there is some downtime required, and swelling and bruising commonly last anywhere between 48 to 72 hours. Clients should bear this in mind when scheduling their treatment and be mindful not to do any vigorous activity during the time they’re healing. It is not recommended for the client to sleep face-down after the treatment. It takes about one to two weeks to see the full results of the procedure, and a follow-up appointment with the clinician is essential to ensure the treatment is successful.

A follow-up procedure is needed to ensure the tear trough has “settled”. Generally, results should last six months before another treatment is required. However, you may find that results will last longer with repeated treatments – up to 12 months.

  • Bruising or swelling that won’t go down but only gets worse
  • Numbness of the face
  • Vision changes
  • Lumps or redness that may indicate an infection

Where to get tear trough injections in Australia

CPD Institute of Australia is one of the most trusted cosmetic injectables training institutes for clinical professionals. We provide comprehensive, hands-on training in Cosmetic Aesthetic Injectables, including tear trough injections and other related courses.

Training sessions are performed on live cosmetic models and supervised by knowledgeable instructors who are experts in the field.

The Advanced Dermal Filler Tear Trough and Temple Hollowing Injectables course in Melbourne is a 1-day course designed to equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to treat tear troughs and temple hollowing. 

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Tear troughs – tear trough deformity, anatomy, treatment approaches, assessment, injection technique, managing risk, and complications
  • Temporal hollowing – anatomy, the aging process, product choice, injection technique, managing risk, and complications
  • Practical injecting on live models – focusing on the upper portion of the face

The course is suitable for participants who have completed a foundation-level injectable course or have had previous cosmetic injectable experience and are looking to expand their offering of cosmetic injectable treatments.

You can find out more about the cost of this course, upcoming dates, location, and how to enrol via the CPD Institute website

If you are interested in becoming a live model for one of our training sessions, get in touch with us. Our course trainers are highly experienced, and you can trust our students as they are registered practitioners working as doctors, dentists, or nurses for many years. Our students will have completed all relevant theory components relating to your treatment and will be applying their learning. 

You will receive discounted injectable cosmetics treatments as a cosmetic model. Read more on our FAQs page if you want to know more.

Our centre is located in Cheltenham, 35 minutes (20 kms) from Melbourne CBD.

About our cosmetics courses

We have a wide array of cosmetic courses for nurses, doctors, dentists, and other clinical professionals looking to enter the cosmetic aesthetic industry.

All our courses are highly interactive, run by experts and highly-skilled instructors, and designed to be the perfect pathway to practice competently.

Training sessions are run in small groups to enhance the learning experience, and treatments are performed on live cosmetic models to give you real-world and hands-on experience. There is enough time allocated for the practical component to ensure you have the confidence to practise independently after your course.

Contact us to find out more about our courses.


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